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 Anthony Robbins 

The world's leading coach is coming to London May 2012 


 Master Classes 

Unique Master Classes for top managers 



Welcome to InspiMotion og InspiMotion Publishers!


Our primary focus is business managers and new as well as experienced entrepreneurs - but also employees, unemployed and people on sick leave will be able to find new inspiration here. 

Crisis creates development, and after a long period of challenges created by the financial crisis, it is now time for growth again.

Things are upside down.The market looks quite different now and that means we all have to act in new ways if we want a share in the boom when it manifests.

This places great demands on you as a manager,owner or entrepreneur! And it makes great demands on you as an employee, officer, on those who are unemployed or on sick leave, searching for the dream job or just to come back to the active labor market.



New energy & new strategy for your life! 


Happy participant jumping on a trampoline in a break during the course "Kickstart yourself!"

We have created a unique development programme targeting those who are ready for change and to create a new future!

The world is rapidly changing, while working, leisure and family life are largely mixed.

It is therefore very important that you are in balance, so you can make the right choices.

To avoid stress and burnout, it is necessary that you take care of yourself. Occationally it is very healthy to take a break, where the focus is entirely on you.

This break is possible - here and now. We can help you!

Take a tour on our website, sign up for one of our workshops, join us at a course or experience one of our lectures. You can also choose career counceling or business counceling.


Furthermore you might be interested in one of the books that we publish in InspiMotion Publishers.


Finally, our lovely offices and meeting facilities are available on an hourly or regurlar basis. See the pictures and read more about the offices, meeting facilities, accomodation, etc.





Master Classes 



Unique Master Classes for top managers with substance and edge for inspiration and after thought 



Board of Directors  




Is HR expertise, innovation, motivation and networking on your wishes for the next member of your board of directors?




What do the customers say?


"It is the absolute best course I've ever been on"


"It has been outstanding, and it can warmly be recommended"


"In fact, the course gave me so much inspiration that I invented a completely new product with really great potential in, which I am now fully engaged in developing and marketing!" 


"The course "Kick Start Your Business" has kicked our new project started six months earlier than expected, as we got powerful tools to realize our plans and documentation to obtain banking facilities"


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