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InspiMotion Publishers



We want to publish high quality books that provide food for thought and inspiration to action. We will eagerly accept the new technologies and want to embrace and create platforms where the books, readers and writers can come together for mutual inspiration.

We will write much more about our new initiatives, so check in again soon!

InspiMotion Publishers was established in late June 2012. We use NBC - Nordisk Bog Center - as our distributor and Bodil Helbo as our publisher's representative.

Are you a new or stablished author? Please contact us to hear more about your options.

Our publications

You may get an overview of our publications, including future publications, on this page. 


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Be at the Helm of YOUR LIFE


Boost Yourself and your family in the summer  - a personal guide 


Get new energy and personal clout! Use the summer to gain more surplus in your everyday life. Get better relationships with your partner, your children (if any) as well as your family and friends.


Come back after the holidays filled with energy and motivation. The book is full of good advice for you about your health, relationships, children, family, friends and your job before, during and after the holidays!

Buy the books or read more - see The 10 Most Important Tips and Reviews, comments from readers og Press Coverage. Click on the cover of each book to see the Table of Contents, price, etc.


All books are expected to be available in Danish as well as English this fall. Some of the books will also be translated to other languages.  




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Paperback   E-book  Workbook



Soon to be publihed:        Will be published this fall:






E-book - In English


In English



Will be published this fall:




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 Cookbook in Danish

Cookbook in English






 978-87-92950-50-5 978-87-92950-10-9 978-87-92950-20-8







 978-87-92950-30-7 978-87-92950-40-6

 Sick or Injured


For 50+ Det grå guld

på arbejdsmarkedet



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Business Owner






Master Classes 



Unique Master Classes for top managers with substance and edge for inspiration and after thought 



Board of Directors  




Is HR expertise, innovation, motivation and networking on your wishes for the next member of your board of directors?




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