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Over the years Vibeke Nørly has given hundreds of lectures on various topics

Below you can read more about various topics, and reference list of places where she has lectured.

Call / write if your business, association or similar. are interested in having an exciting and entertaining lecture.

Vibeke is also really good as Master of Ceremonies, as she with humor and empathy can connect the various threads together and present the various posts / feature in a very charming way.











My Life - My Choice 

Talks about getting back to a positive outlook and life strength after a debilitating accident at work - leaving her disabled for the rest of her life. "It is my life - and my choice!"


Forum, Copenhagen; Iværk&Vækst for entrepreneurs & Growth; SOR Optimists, Frederiksberg, etc.

Start your business from scratch, or buy an existing business

Lectures for entrepreneurs and other interested parties - on practical experience and considerations for starting a business - start from scratch or buy an existing business, eg. in succession, on our way to success. Including her experiences and considerations in connection to her beginning as an entrepreneur - "My way to success!"

Business Centre, Elsinore


Kiss or Fight the Financial Crisis 

Lectures on the new marketplace in which we operate after the financial crisis.


How can networking and building of relations result in new opportunities for sales and marketing.

Herlev, Vejle; Odense; Roskilde and many times in Copenhagen


Management with Hugs

How to create an entrepreneurial culture, where daily hugging with your boss,colleagues and employees leads the way to more success? Which advantages and challenges does this management form imply, and how does this result in an increased profit?




The Limbo of Life


It is easy to dance on the top of life. The exitement really occurs, when the bar is lowered. How Low Can You Go?


An intereseting and humorous evening about  • Celebrating your successes • Handling the challenges in life  • Create a positive daily life - every day!


Get plenty of new inspiration home with you!

InspiMotion, Copenhagen; Hagemann's, Frederiksberg


Back on the job after firing

Congratulations - you've been fired!


Once the shock has subsided, there are plenty of opportunities to get back on the job after a firing. It is possibly the best gift you in your life, because it gives you the ability to switch tracks. Get inspiration on how to get our spirits back and how to find your way to a new job.

At Job Centres; Unions - ie. Krifa - Kristelig Fagforening; Kontrapunkt; Integro; AOF; etc., all over Zealand



Back at work after illness or accident

Unlike a fired person, a the sick / disabled person is often left with permanent injuries.


That you obviously need time to process, but once the shock has worn off and you have found your new beliefs in life, there are plenty of opportunities to get back on the job.


Probably you need to change tracks, unless you can come back to the same job. Get inspiration on how to get our spirits back and how to find your way to a new job that suits you now.

At Job Centres; Unions - ie. Krifa - Kristelig Fagforening; Kontrapunkt; Integro; AOF; etc., all over Zealand


Benefit from the Employment Agencies?

Hints and tips available on how employment agencies can help you to find a new job.


How do you qualify? What opportunities for jobs are there? How are you paid as a temp? What about unemployment benefits? What are the possibilities for a permanent job this way?

At Job Centres; Unions - ie. Krifa - Kristelig Fagforening; Kontrapunkt; Integro; AOF; etc., all over Zealand


50 + ... So what!?!

Men and women in their prime - or how does it look on the labor market now? What are people in this age group who want to continue with their working career? Which signals it is important to send? How to make future employers regard you as "yummy" or a real asset to their business? What should you emphasize? And what should you preferably avoid doing?


Get plenty of practical examples and advice for your last 20 years in the labor market - as well as suggestions on how to get the most out of your retirement afterwards.

Senior Business, Odense 


Recruiting for Rotary

How can we attract new members to Rotary and also maintain our many existing members?

Rotary clubs in several cities in Zealand




Master of Ceremonies


Vibeke Nørlys is an experienced Master of Ceremonies at several occations in Denmark for small as well as large audiences. She connects with humor and empathy the various threads together and present the various posts / features /artist in a very charming way.

More than 50 times as President of the Association of Female Entrepreneurs in Denmark; at more than 20 Charity events for Breast Cancer, etc. 



Vibeke Nørly

Managing Director Inspimotion and InspiMotion Publishers, former owner and Managing Director of Dania Temps & Recruitment Ltd.


Active on several boards, advisory boards, networks, etc.

Vibeke has 25 years experience in HR / personnel, and sales & marketing, which she pours out of to her audience.

She has more than 8 years experience as an entrepreneur and business owner with both record growth as crisis management.

Additionally she has a very innovative approach to the challenges that many companies face today, in relation to sales, product development, marketing, etc..

So if you are ready for development, then you're in really good hands with Vibeke Nørly.





Master Classes 



Unique Master Classes for top managers with substance and edge for inspiration and after thought 



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Is HR expertise, innovation, motivation and networking on your wishes for the next member of your board of directors?




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