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 Anthony Robbins 

The world's leading coach is coming to London May 2012 


 Master Classes 

Unique Master Classes for top managers




Kickstart Yourself and Your Business



The course is tailored to the busy business leader or owner, who is ready for change and to create new growth!



Get a lot of tools for you and your business


Empower your sales and your marketing


Getting new customers and retain excisting


Stay sharp in your mission and vision


Take control of branding and PR


Become better at conflict resolution


Get training in presentation and negotiation techniques


Prepare and get coaching on your strategy and development plan


Be visible on Google and social media


Get new energy and personal clout


Have a fun and eventful life with less stress and more joy



Choose type of course according to your temperament!


In a busy life as a business leader or owner it can be difficult to devote time to developing your business and yourself!


Therefore, this course has been adjusted to different types of people, so you can find the form that best suits you.


How much time can you devote to your daily life? How impatient are you looking to see results on your bottom line and in your daily energy level?


3 hours once a week in 12 weeks

You will have time between modules to mature the ideas we are working with. You have plenty of time to get your habits incorporated into your daily life and hence constantly ensure that you continue to work targetted towards your goals.


1 whole day from 09.00 - 16.00 for 6 weeks

For you who can dedicate one full day a week to develop your business. Experience a good flow when you can work a full day once a week concentrating and focusing entirely on yourself and your business. You have the opportunity to get the new good habits incorporated into your everyday life.

1 super concentrated weekend
Friday and Saturday from 09.00 - 21.00 and Sunday from 09.00 - 15.00.

For you who are impatient and want to achieve results quickly. It's a very intense process, where you practically live and breathe around the clock for your company throughout the weekend. A special symbiosis occur, while working so intensely with your own and your company's development.


You can very quickly see tangible results of your efforts, which will inspire you to sustain the new initiatives.








Personal Development Plan

  • Personal Profile Analysis
  • Priorities and Values
  • Goals and Visions
  • Action Plan


Stress Management, Health

  • Plan Your Own Work
  • Prioritise Your Tasks 
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Stress & Job Satisfaction
  • Hold on to Your New Habits


Business Plan

  • Focus on Business Strategy
  • Economy, Budget, Ratios
  • Sustainable Strategies
  • Agreements, Clauses, etc.



  • Personal and Business Branding
  • Signals
  • PR, Newsletters
  • Marketing, Social Media


Presentation Skills

  • Elevator Speech
  • Customer Meetings
  • Content and Structure
  • Tips and Tricks



  • Map Your Relations
  • See the possibilities
  • Netweaving
  • Networking tasks
  • Do's and Don't



  • Know Your Customers
  • Individual Customer Care
  • Optimize Your Customer Base
  • The New Market Place


Selling and Upselling

  • Types of Sale
  • Plan Your Sales
  • Booking of Appointments
  • Get the Signature
  • Preserve Customer Relationships


Conflict Handling

  • Situation -> Conflict
  • Customer Complaint
  • Complaint Handling
  • Role Play to Train the Techniques


Negotiation Skills

  • Goals for the Negotiation
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Obtain the Right Price
  • Practical Exercises


Personal Appearance

  • Body Language
  • Voice Control
  • Styling
  • Breathing
  • Personal Clout


Styling - Photosession

  • Lecture about Styling
  • Wardrobe Check
  • Personal Styling
  • Photo Session




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