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The world's leading coach is coming to London May 2012 


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Unique Master Classes for top managers 






We offer a variety of services targeted either managers, business owners or individuals. Depending on your needs, we can agree on 1-1 meetings or larger forums. Contact us to learn more about your options.



Business councelling


  • HR and and staffing challenges

  • Attracting and retaining employees

  • Personal Profile Analysis

  • Change management - when the company must scale back or grow

  • Welfare Management - Stress Prevention

  • Teambuilding with a focus on how you can ensure staff satisfaction and
        continuing development of the company

  • Branding

  • Networking

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Innovation for companies that want growth

    Career councelling

    Are you looking for challenges in your current job, or are you unemployed and looking for dream job?

    We can help you find job satisfaction again and finding the right job for you!

  • Personal Profile Analysis

  • Stress prevention

  • Branding

  • Personal clout

  • Job Search

  • For enkeltpersoner eller større grupper, der ønsker sparring i forhold til deres fortsatte udvikling og tilpasning til det nye arbejdsmarked



    Networking - leading to success

    Relationship building is more important now than ever before!


    After the financial crisis, it is clear that new customers, new job, etc. primarily is due to good relationships - networking as it is popularly called.

    We can help you personally, your company or employees, to master the art of networking, so your path to success is paved!

    Call us or send an email, and we will help you with your challenges!




    The CEO of a bank called out for help, as he had employed a new manager to take care of the business customers. As she was not local, she needed good advise on how to get quickly integrated in the local business networks.


    A CEO had bought tickets for a trip to Italy, reluctantly having to cancel the tickets due to bustle in her company. She contacted me and within few hours I had found a happy couple, who could now benefit of the tickets.


  • If you prefer one-to-one meetings, Vibeke Nørly is also available for coaching sessons

    You chose the themes for our sessions, on the topics that you need sparring for.

    It could be issues regarding your personal leadership, handling of personnel, boosting of sales, gaining more selfesteem/confidence, improving your presentation skills, negotiation skills, or the like.

    Please contact Vibeke by email or phone.







    Master Classes 



    Unique Master Classes for top managers with substance and edge for inspiration and after thought 



    Board of Directors  




    Is HR expertise, innovation, motivation and networking on your wishes for the next member of your board of directors?




    What do the customers say?


    "It is the absolute best course I've ever been on"


    "It has been outstanding, and it can warmly be recommended"


    "In fact, the course gave me so much inspiration that I invented a completely new product with really great potential in, which I am now fully engaged in developing and marketing!" 


    "The course "Kick Start Your Business" has kicked our new project started six months earlier than expected, as we got powerful tools to realize our plans and documentation to obtain banking facilities"


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