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 Anthony Robbins 

The world's leading coach is coming to London May 2012 


 Master Classes 

Unique Master Classes for top managers 




Kickstart Yourself!


A unique development process aimed at you - who are ready for changes and for creating a new future! 


At "Kickstart Yourself!" you're in focus! There are miniumum 4 and maximum 12 participants at each course. 


All excercises etc. are focused at you, your challenges and your decisions. You are constantly working with actual cases that you can


All assignments, exercises,etc. are based on you, your challenges and your decisions.You are therefore working constantly with current cases, which you can get illuminated from several angles.


Everything you do, can be immediately implemented into your everyday life!


Experience that you get NEW ENERGY AND PERSONAL IMPACT!




Kickstart Yourself! is targeted the following groups: 



Business Managers, new or experienced entrepreneurs 


How to make your business successful after the crisis!


The course is tailored to the busy business manager, owner or entrepreneur who is ready for change and to create new growth! We come all the way around you and your company/ department, branding, products / services, staff, vision, mission, etc.




Employed - But looking for a new job


Looking for a new job? Maybe it is time for a brand new career?

The course is tailored to you, as an employee who is ready for change and to create new growth!

Maybe you do not thrive with your tasks, or you have challenges with your boss or colleagues.




Improve your personal impact and branding, so you application is actually read and you get the job!


The course is tailored to you if you are unemployed and ready forchange and to learn new ways to find jobs!


On sick leave or injured


How to accept your new situation, and find a new path back to work


The course is tailored to you who are or have been affected by illness and injuries, but now are ready for change - to provide you a future with the physics, you have now!


Youngsters - under education - or unemployed after Graduation


University or skilled professional? How to find a job being young and unexperienced?

The course is tailored to you who are about to find a job after graduation.

How do you get through the eye of the needle and get the job?

50+ Stay in your job, get a new or are you ready for retirement?


50+ - is the active work life as you know it over - or are you looking the right places?


What to do when retired?


The course is tailored to you, who are 50+ and are considering whether you need to find another job, retire early, or plan a great retirement.


The more you know about yourself and your wishes, the more likely you are to accomplish it all.








Kickstartyourself! contains 12 modules adapted the target groups above. Read more about the modules in each course by clicking on the target audience.

The course runs for a separate audience of one, or in a mixed forum where the participants have very different assumptions.

As all course material is targeted at the above groups, it may well make sense to mixt he groups. We are seeing great momentum regardless whether the course is targeting a single group or course participants have different backgrounds.

Choose coursetypeaccording to yourtemperament!

In a busy life it can be difficul tto find time to develop yourself - and your business / department if you're a business leader, owner or entrepreneur!

Therefore, this course is adjusted to differenttypes of people, so you can find the form that best suits you.

How much time can you devote to your daily life? How impatient are you looking to see results on your bottom line and in your daily energy level?


1 Week Dayly from kl. 9.00 - 16.00



1 Super Concentrated Weekend
Friday and Saturday from kl. 9.00 - 21.00 and Sunday from kl. 9.00 - 15.00




Send us an e-mail and we will find the solution that best fits you!







Master Classes 



Unique Master Classes for top managers with substance and edge for inspiration and after thought 



Board of Directors  




Is HR expertise, innovation, motivation and networking on your wishes for the next member of your board of directors?




What do the customers say?


"It is the absolute best course I've ever been on"


"It has been outstanding, and it can warmly be recommended"


"In fact, the course gave me so much inspiration that I invented a completely new product with really great potential in, which I am now fully engaged in developing and marketing!" 


"The course "Kick Start Your Business" has kicked our new project started six months earlier than expected, as we got powerful tools to realize our plans and documentation to obtain banking facilities"


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